Depression or Loneliness

Choosing either depression or loneliness, explain how resilience may impact the lived experience in later life.

For your response, you can address what factors may influence the level of resilience an older person may have.

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Depression or Loneliness
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1)erica chen

Resilience refers to one’s ability to cope with difficulties and recover and rebound from low ebbs. When people get old, they may encounter loneliness due to the loss of original social networks and close relationships, etc. Resilience to the loneliness feeling is important for older people to maintain their mental health as well as physical health because mind and body are closely related to each other.


1.With resilience, even if older people are alone, they may not feel lonely. Instead, they could very much enjoy the times of being alone, so they can do whatever they want without interruption. They may have more time to pursue their hobbies instead of being occupied with job tasks. This is especially true if older people have a life-long learning habit or a higher education level. They could use the time to learn a new skill, keep up with the latest technology, enjoy reading and writing, continue with their previous expertise, etc.

2.With resilience, when older people feel lonely, they can figure out a way to solve this issue. For instance, good financial conditions and physical health could influence one’s resilience. They can look for mental health treatment, take part in social activities to seek help.

Other factors such as one’s character, self-esteem, emotion control ability, marital status, access to a car, social network, etc. could also affect one’s resilience.


Higher resilience enables older people to feel less lonely or supports them to figure out a way to deal with loneliness, thus increasing their life quality, maintaining mental and physical health, which leads to better and longer living.



1) Cao

In China, tens of millions of elderly people are lonely. This loneliness is the most difficult thing, sometimes they will be outside to watch other people laughing and joking when they are really alone. In other cases, they live at home with their children but the children come home from work late every day and have nothing to do with them. All in all, this loneliness can seriously affect the mental health of the elderly. Resilience refers to the ability to bounce back from loneliness or depression. Strong resilience can help the elderly recover to a healthy life faster when they are lonely, so as to comfort themselves psychologically and face the new life. Let the elderly life full of hope, is conducive to the health of the elderly. For those who are less resilient, a shock or a bout of loneliness can lead to depression, and lose hope for life. Even after returning to a normal life, they still suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and find it difficult to reintegrate into the group. Will have a negative impact on the later life of the elderly. Resilience is also affected by many factors. One of the most important factors is family time. Older people with families are more motivated in life and thus more resilient. Another factor affecting resilience is wealth levels. I think the higher the level of wealth, the more resilient people are, because they don’t have to worry about food and clothing, they can focus on their mental health, and they can even consult the best psychologists.


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