Dental Assistant manager

An internship is an excellent opportunity to explore a career of your choice. You will be able to gather information, clarify how you feel about specific work environments, and test your abilities as you learn which skills are essential for various positions. You can also develop professional contacts that can be used once you actually begin your post-graduation job search.


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Dental Assistant manager
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You will no doubt discover much career-related information during the hours you work each week. A systematic effort to obtain information, however, can yield an even greater dividend.

Schedule two 20- to 30-minute “information interview” with selected co-workers throughout the experience


Attend two of any of the following: lectures, webinar, and association meetings within a career that you are interested.

Expectations: Choose one of the above options and provide a 4 – 5-page paper summarizing the experience. Identify the key learning points about the career that you gathered from the experience. Identify if this experience has enhanced your interest in the career or diminished your interest in the career. Use a minimum of 3 references.


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