Demographics of a Population Group

Demographics of a Population Group – Fact Sheet


A fact sheet is a document that provides basic information on a specific topic in a quick and easy-to-read format. A fact sheet can be in text form, but with the increased use of “infographics” and online formatting, it often includes a combination of images and provides links to more in-depth resources.

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Demographics of a Population Group
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Assignment Instructions

Prepare a fact sheet designed to be given to new staff within a health care organization. Select the organization where you work, or hope to work, who have direct contact with the population it serves. Include a description of the organization you select on your addendum.

Include the following information in your fact sheet:

· A description of the community they serve, including pertinent demographic data related to that specific population group.

· Links to resources that would be beneficial for the staff to access in order to learn more about the health care needs of the community.

Create a brief introductory document addressed to the recipients of your fact sheet in the form of a memo or a short e-mail that communicates the value, relevance and intended use of the document.

Submission Requirements

This assignment consists of three elements:

· A memo / e-mail: separate page, e-mail or memo format, 1 to 3 paragraphs.

· The fact sheet: 1 to 3 pages, can be single spaced, can include graphics, sources can be cited and linked.

· Addendum: separate page, Include a short description of your selected health care organization, and 3 to 5 resources, cited in APA format.


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