Demographics and Psychographics

When opening a restaurant, it’s important to remember that everyone is different, making

it impossible to meet all of their wants. Geographically segmenting the market will look at

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Demographics and Psychographics
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different places and whether or not they are wealthy, for example. Using information and

feedback acquires consumers’ wants, needs, and behavior. Noli Me Tangere’s beachfront

location, as well as its proximity to downtown San Diego, appeals to middle-aged, young, and

older couples of all races and all religions with good education and productive income. Noli Me

Tangere built a menu concept that allows customers to follow religious requirements while still

enjoying a night out, regardless of any dietary limitations. Because psychographics consider

socioeconomic status, lifestyle, and personality, Noli Me Tangere is aimed at individuals who

like to spend their time near the ocean, walk in the park, or socialize with friends. This restaurant

targets middle and high-class customers who are searching for a romantic lunch with their

spouses or any type of event, such as graduation day, Valentine’s Day, or birthdays. Since the

restaurant is by the beach, this restaurant also targets tourists who want to try authentic Filipino

food. Consumer behavior is defined as the process of selecting, purchasing, and consuming

goods and services to fulfill one’s desires. Every business nowadays relies heavily on technology

and social media. People decide where to eat based on reviews and trends. Noli Me Tangere will

have hassle-free online ordering for people who like to be in the comfort of their own homes.



There is a growing desire for different food trends, Noli Me Tangere developed a menu with

different options, such as vegan, gluten-free, or healthy food for our health-conscious customers.


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