Delphi Technique

Delphi Technique is unique because it is a group process using written responses to a series of

questionnaires instead of physically bringing individuals together to make a decision. The first

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Delphi Technique
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questionnaire asks individuals to respond to a broad question such as stating the problem, outlining

objectives, or proposing solutions. Each subsequent questionnaire is built from the information

gathered in the previous one. The process ends when the group reaches a consensus. Facilitators can

decide whether to keep responses anonymous. This process is often used to generate best practices

from experts. For example, Purdue University Professor Michael Campion used this process when he

was editor of the research journal Personnel Psychology and wanted to determine the qualities that

distinguished a good research article. Using the Delphi technique, he was able to gather responses

from hundreds of top researchers from around the world and distill them into a checklist of criteria

that he could use to evaluate articles submitted to his journal, all without ever having to leave his



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