Definition of the word independent

ESSAY ASSIGNMENT #2: Definition Draft due: October 2 (please bring an electronic copy of your draft!) Final due: One week after I return draft In the second essay, an extended definition, you will choose one of the following: 1. Choose a ritual, concept, or tradition that is a significant part of your religious or cultural heritage. Assume your readers are not familiar with the term you are defining. 2. Define an abstract term by making it concrete. You can develop your definition with a series of brief examples or with an extended narrative that illustrates the characteristic you are defining. Choose one: racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia. 3. Write a definition essay describing the meaning of cyber-bullying, ideal body, or American. 4. Define a word that is used/known by some but is not found in the dictionary. For example, ″Hudson Valley Kid.″    An extended definition goes beyond the denotative meaning into the connotative meaning. This means that the essay must express what the term means to you.   Hard Copy Details 500 Words FONT: Times (12) or New York (10) MARGINS: 1” All around DOUBLE-SPACED NO COVER PAGE TITLE (not underlined, not in quotes) TOP LEFT CORNER: name, date, essay #, and my name *Please spell-check your essay before handing it in*

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Definition of the word independent
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