Define the target market for the advertisement.

Please review the Discussion Board grading rubric in the Course Resources. This is important information that will ensure that you earn maximum points. Your postings should be qualitative and provide substantive depth that advances the discussion. Your initial response to the prompt should be a minimum of 150 words, and a minimum of two responses to others should be posted on separate days of the week with a minimum of 75 words in length. Assertions should be supported with scholarly evidence from our classroom resources and additional research, including the appropriate use of in-text citations and a corresponding reference list.

Media markets saturate consumers with a plethora of advertisements, especially for pharmaceuticals (prescription and over the counter). However, consumers oftentimes have difficulty understanding the intention of these advertisements. Find two Internet, two print, and two media advertisements (television or radio) for medications (either prescription or OTC), and analyze each advertisement on the following points:

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Define the target market for the advertisement.
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Define the target market for the advertisement.
Describe the underlying message that the advertisement is communicating.
Explain the assumptions that the advertisement is based on.
Discuss how the advertisement addresses cost, benefits, and side effects.
From your research, what can you conclude about the advertising methodology that the pharmaceutical industry directs at consumers?


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