Define Orientalism and Eurocentrism

Please respond to the following questions. Your response for each question should be between 300-600 words. A grading rubric will be used to evaluate your response to these questions that is available to you. Please be sure to read each question carefully and respond to all part of the question in your answer. Support all your responses with sources from the course and cite them. Use sources from the class.

1.Colonialism has had a profound impact on international relations from discourse to policy. Address the following sub questions to elaborate on the impacts of colonialism on IR.

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Define Orientalism and Eurocentrism
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a.Define Orientalism and Eurocentrism in your own words. How do they relate to colonialism?

b.Explain how colonialism has influenced – and continues to influence – the following areas in IR: i.Dominant Theories (i.e. Realism, Liberalism, and Constructivism) ii.Power iii.Discourse

c.Explain the role that colonialism played in the creation of states in either the Middle East or South Asia (India-Pakistan

2.Realism and Liberalism as theories in international relations both understand the international political system as anarchic. Explain the concept of anarchy and its consequences in the international system to realists and liberals. How do realists and liberals believe changes to the international system occur?

3.The power of the state, as one of the most important actors in IR, is being challenged by 21stcentury phenomenon like globalization, transnational movements, ethnonational movements, transnational crime, and failed states. Pick three of these challenges and explain how they are impacting the international system and states’ sovereignty.

4.Warfare has changed in the 21st century in a variety of fronts including drone warfare, non-state agitators like terrorist organizations, and cyberwarfare. Explain how these three fronts have impacted US foreign policy and challenged traditional IR theories. Then provide an academic assessment of the efficacy of US foreign policy. Specifically, do you think that US foreign policy in the 20th and 21st century has been guided by a wise pragmatic approach or by imperialistic ambitions (or both, or neither?) and has this been effective for the US in reaching its foreign policy goals?


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