Define and describe a SAN

Submit a Word document that addresses each of the following:

  • Chapter 6
    • Define and describe a SAN.
    • Define and describe NAS.
    • Describe how cloud-based data storage works.
    • Assume that you must select a cloud-based data storage solution for your company. List the factors you would consider when selecting a vendor.
    • Many users do not yet feel comfortable storing data within the cloud. Discuss some steps you can take to reduce their concerns.
    • List the pros and cons of cloud-based data storage.
    • List the pros and cons of a cloud-based database.

Your responses should be submitted as a Word document and the paper should adhere to APA format and style. Your answers should be written in your own words.  Include at least 3 proper citations to any sources you used in your answers.

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Define and describe a SAN
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