Decision Making

Assignment #2

Chapter 3

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Decision Making
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Decision Making

What would you do?



#4 Discussing the nature of the corporation and its relationship to society.

#5 Explaining consumer rights and how business practices affect consumers.

#7 Understanding social responsibility and how business ethics is a part of social responsibility.


Having read Chapter 3, complete the following topic:

The chapter provided two different scenarios and questions regarding “What would you do?”:

pg 71 on The Social Responsibility of Business; and

pg 81 on Malaysia Airlines.


Select one scenario and address the questions presented. Be sure to convey your understanding of the text material. Provide proper sourcing.



Assignment #2 will be graded on conveying a clear understanding of the topic, providing a clear discussion of such, as well as utilizing correct grammar.


Grade: 10% of total grade, along with accurate grammar.


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