Debriefing after Simulation

Debriefing following a simulation is a key activity that helps educators elaborate on lessons to be learned, and lets students express their understanding of the experience. Although debriefing can encompass elements of student assessment, it is not the same. Debriefing is appropriate following all types of simulation, including those that incorporate high-fidelity simulations, that may include formal evaluation along with assessment, critique, and grading. In this instance, debriefing is an opportunity to review the findings of the evaluation.

has published standards of best practice regarding debriefing that describe criteria and required elements. Debriefing must be conducted in a supportive learning environment by a competent person who was attentive during the simulation. The information shared during the debriefing should be based on a theoretical framework and align with the simulation’s objectives and outcomes.

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Debriefing after Simulation
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