Death Anxiety Scale (DAS)

Death, especially in our dominant culture, is frequently treated as a taboo topic in conversation. To some extent, this tendency reflects both our public and personal anxiety about it. The purpose of this activity is to provide you with insights into your feelings about death. Read each of the 13 statements in the scale. Respond to each item by circling the appropriate letter.

True False

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Death Anxiety Scale (DAS)
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T F 1. I am very much afraid to die

T F 2. The thought of death seldom enters my mind.

T F 3. It does not make me nervous when people talk about death.

T F 4. I dread thinking about having to have an operation.

T F 5. I am not at all afraid to die.

T F 6. I am not particularly afraid of getting cancer.

T F 7. I am often distressed by the way time flies so very rapidly.

T F 8. I fear dying a painful death.

T F 9. The subject of life after death troubles me greatly.

T F 10. I am really scared of having a heart attack.

T F 11. I often think about how short life really is.

T F 12. I shudder when I hear people talking about World War III. T F 13. The sight of a dead body is horrifying to me.


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