Dealing with Difficult People

InstructionsRead the article, Dealing with Difficult People, and review the resources on Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Plan, organize, and your writing.


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Dealing with Difficult People
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  1. Briefly share an experience you have had with one of the “difficult” personalities outlined in article. The experience could be one in which you were directly involved, or one in which you were an observer. Ideally, your scenario will be from a clinical experience or healthcare-related employment; however, it could also be from your personal or family life. Please do not use actual names. Address the following components:
  • Provide background to help set up the interaction you witnessed or were involved in. For instance, where did the interaction take place, who was involved, what precipitated the event, etc.
  • Describe how the person behaved, using specifics from one of the “difficult” personality types in the article. What impact did the behavior have on those around them? How did others respond? Was the response constructive or harmful? Why?
  1. Using the principles of nonviolent communication outlined in this week’s resources, provide an example of a response to the difficult person using NVC language. Ensure that you identify and illustrate the steps outlined in the NVC process.

Review resources on nonviolent communication (NVC)




Assignment Rubric

Prompt #1: Share experience:  (5 Points) Response completely addresses all five prompts: Provides background: who, what, where; describes behavior; classifies “difficult” personality type; discusses impact on others; describes and categorizes others’ response.


Prompt #2: Example of NVC response: (4 points) Observation step identified and illustrative response given; Feelings step identified and illustrative response given; Needs step identified and illustrative response given; Requests step identified and illustrative response given.



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