Topic #2

Dear Expert,   I really struggle with deadlines. I know what’s happening, but I cannot seem to plan ahead enough to make sure that I’m actually on time- instead, I find myself on the day that an assignment is due, rapidly trying to get it done. I know the deadline is coming, but I just have so many other things going on- it feels like I’ve got to put out all the other fires before I can get to that one. HELP! My fire fighter’s uniform is getting singed.

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Sincerely,  Hot to make my deadlines


Your responses should provide:

1) At least two specific strategies for the person to implement for each question.

2) References to at least two of the readings from this section (journal articles or the book) with specific information from the readings that address the concern. (use APA format for the references)

3) Please address the writer so your reader can tell the questions being addressed. eg: Dear Time only Flies, or Dear Don’t want to live in the past, etc.


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