Data Recovery

When it comes to data recovery especially during natural crisis in big data application nosql database are easy to recover.

As you know NOSql is unstructured database and data is stored in document form.

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Data Recovery
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10. Data security:

Compare to SQL database, NOSQL does not provide security which is one of the main problem arise in big data



The main aim of this research paper is to evaluate which database is better for big data. Developers want a very flexible

database that easily accommodates new data types and isn‟t disrupted by content structure changes from third-party data

providers. Much of the new data is unstructured and semi-structured, so developers also need a database that is capable of

efficiently storing it. Unfortunately, the rigidly defined, schema-based approach used by relational databases makes it

impossible to quickly incorporate new types of data, and is a poor fit for unstructured and semi-structured data. NoSQL

provides a data model that maps better to these needs.


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