Data Model at Conceptual Level

This concept comprises the models presented in each study from the final corpus at the conceptual abstraction level. As we mentioned before, this level is technology-agnostic and there is no restriction regarding the use of well-known models applied to relational databases.

presents 19 works using the ER model at the conceptual abstraction level. Within these 19 works, one proposes the use of Extended Binary Entity Relationship (EBER), an ER-based model that adopts different types of attributes and a dominant role. Another study from the 19 works, proposes Enriched Entity Relationship (EER) with graphic notation for the representation of Big Data.

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Data Model at Conceptual Level
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Furthermore, the use of the multidimensional data model is observed in four studies. It is assumed that this is derived from the increasing interest in Data Warehouses and Data Marts for Data Abstraction Levels for modeling Big Data.

The next concept presents the data model proposed by authors for each data abstraction level.


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