Cybersecurity Principles

Learning Goal: I’m working on a cyber security writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

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Cybersecurity Principles
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IT120: Cybersecurity Principles

Unit 3 Project: Getting to Know Network Traffic Provide brief answers. Provide screenshots if necessary.

1. Go to the Windows command line (cmd in the Windows Start menu).

2. Use ipconfig to obtain the IP address of your machine


3. Use netstat on the machine: what does that tell you?


4. Use the -? flag on the ping command and find out what other options you have with ping (type ping -?). You should notice several additional options, such as -w, -t, -n, and -i. Now try ping Try the option ping -n 2 Then try ping -n 7 What differences do you notice?


5. Use tracert to discover the route to the National Security Agency ( How many hops it takes from your computer to NSA? _________

Where does it end up? ______________

only screen shots


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