Cybercrime refers to any criminal activity that is done using computers and the Internet, [21] and

it includes a wide range of offenses. Downloading illegal music, stealing from online bank

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accounts, stealing credit card numbers and personal information, stealing identities, posting

confidential business information on the Internet, and creating and distributing viruses on other

computers are only some of the thousands of crimes that are considered

cybercrimes. [22] Cybercrimes can take place anytime and anyplace. It has cost American

companies a median loss of $3.8 million a year, and data protection and information technology

(IT) practitioners from 45 US organizations from various sectors reported that, across their

companies, 50 successful attacks were experienced over a four-week period.[23]

Cybercrime is more profitable than the illegal drug trade (more than $100 billion globally per

year). Every three seconds an identity is stolen, and without security, an unprotected PC can

become infected within four minutes of connecting to the Internet. [24] A Microsoft security

intelligence report maintains that cybercrime is fast maturing as a profession, with

cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated and packaging online threats that can be sold to



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