Cyber Security and the Internet of Things

Cyber security and the internet of things

Number of pages: 3+

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Cyber Security and the Internet of Things
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For this assignment, review the article:

Abomhara, M., & Koien, G.M. (2015). Cyber security and the internet of things: Vulnerabilities, threats, intruders, and attacks. Journal of Cyber Security, 4, 65-88. Doi: 10.13052/jcsm2245-1439.414

and evaluate it in 3+ pages, using your own words, by addressing the following:

· What did the authors investigate, and in general how did they do so?

· Identify the hypothesis or question being tested

· Summarize the overall article.

· Identify the conclusions of the authors

· Indicate whether or not you think the data support their conclusions/hypothesis

· Consider alternative explanations for the results

· Provide any additional comments pertaining to other approaches to testing their hypothesis (logical follow-up studies to build on, confirm or refute the conclusions)

· The relevance or importance of the study

· The appropriateness of the experimental design

When you write your evaluation, be brief and concise. Also, you should include a complete reference (title, authors, journal, issue, pages) you turn in your evaluation. This is good practice for your literature review, which you’ll be completing during the dissertation process.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

· 3+ pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.

· Follow APA 7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.

· Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook.

· Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.


Note: plagiarism check required, APA7 format, include References, within 8hrs

This post has 2 individual assignments (a discussion and a research paper). Please provide answers in separate documents.


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