Cyber Security

Tasks for Assignment 2


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Cyber Security
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Answer the following question with screenshots of the process along with their description.



  1. Download PGP (freeware or paid) and try to encrypt an email using someone’s public key. Describe other functions that you can do with


  1. Download any steganography software and demonstrate hiding a 500kB document in the software.    


  1. Password cracking : Create a digest on a password and then crack it with an online cracking website to demonstrate the speed of cracking passwords.  You can create 10 different passwords and see how those passwords could be cracked.


Note : The first step is to use a hash algorithm to create a password digest. Use your web browser to go

You can use to check the password cracking time.



  1. Test your windows firewall / defender.

Configure the firewall in your windows machine. Now, go to your virtual machine (Kali) and use nmap command to scan the windows machine(host). (Hint :try to reach the windows machine from kali – you must configure virtual box network settings) Can you get any results from nmap results? Now, switch off the firewall/defender and run the nmap scan again. Compare both the results and explain your answer.





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