Cyber Espionage and Information Warfare

Chose a country listed below and research the country’s history and use of information warfare

and cyber espionage. Write an 8-10 page report with references, (use APA formatting style) that

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Cyber Espionage and Information Warfare
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provides a history of the country’s cyber espionage and/or information warfare, and discusses the

motivation behind the acts. The paper should not only be a history of activities by the country.

Rather, you should include insight into how these activities effect the larger topic of cyber

security, and what you see looking forward such as possible attacks and how the country will

adapt their use of technology. Don’t be afraid to make bold predictions but be sure you support

your predictions. Conclude the report with an assessment of future activity and possible targets

for the country’s future cyber espionage and information warfare activities. If you would like to

write about a country not listed below, please email your suggestion for prior approval.

United States China Russia

Iran Israel North Korea

Vietnam Pakistan Syria

Georgia Estonia Ukraine

France United Kingdom Germany

Brazil Australia Japan


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