Cyber Bullying


  1. Your document will be submitted using Microsoft Word 2016 or another word processor that your lecturer has access to.


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Cyber Bullying
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  1. You will use a technical writing style to produce a professional report. Use suitable headings to guide the reader through your report.

To help you, the following structure must be used:

  • Title page
  • Executive summary
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion and Recommendations
  • References
  • Appendices


  1. There is a report length minimum requirement of 1,500 words and maximum restriction of 2,000 words. (Use the Word Count feature to check!)
  • Items not included in the word count requirement/restriction:
  1. Title page
  2. ii. Executive summary
  • iii. References
  1. iv. Appendices
  2. v. Wording in graphics and/or diagrams.


  1. The inclusion of diagrams within the document is essential. The diagrams must:
  • Complement the discussion
  • Be referred to in the text to show their applicability and appropriateness.
  1. The use of automated and manual functions in MS Word is assessed. Your report should have headers/footers, automated table of contents (TOC), automated list of figures (LOF), automated list of tables (LOT), automated references, appropriate margins, styles, and text formatting.


  1. You need to have at least four (4) references. These should be from different sources:
  • a book (including an e-book)
  • a good quality journal article
  • a trade publication (magazine, newspaper)
  • a website


  1. Referencing must use the APA6 referencing system.

Submission Upload to Moodle one MS Word document. This will be checked with the website which tests for the amount of original work in your report.
Marking Criteria
The report should be well prepared and written in a clear and concise manner.  It should have a table of contents, page headers and/or footers identifying at least the topic, student name, date printed, page number and number of pages. The contents of the report should be well researched. The advantages and disadvantages need to be clearly stated and the arguments supported by citations from the literature. You need to reach an informed conclusion. Correct citing and referencing using APA 6 will be expected. You should have at least four different sources.

  • The report should use correct English grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax.
  • The report should make use of appropriate word processing functions.
  • The report should be submitted in the required format.



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