Customer Behavior Strategy

This assessment is a written submission exam and will be released in week 12 of the course.

Use examples to illustrate your point. Include links and images

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Customer Behavior Strategy
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1. Explain how a company can influence the consumer behavior along the customer journey online and offline. Use an example to

explain how a brand interact online and offline and how both worlds are connected. What is the role of CRM in this interactions.

2. What is cognitive dissonance and how brands can define clusters taking into account this consumer behavior? Explain it using

an example and define how a company could use it to define the strategy per cluster.

3. Explain how DIY is a successful phenomenon among consumers? Is it a win-win situation? Use an example of a company that is

using this strategy successfully.

4. Explain how luxury brands manage to connect with the customer. Highlight differences and commonalities vs mass market


5. Explain how we can influence consumer behavior through an educational campaign. Use an example to explain a successful


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