Current Events Submission

Upload an internet article from a reputable source that analyzes a situation using one or more of the following economic principles:

  1. Role of opportunity cost in decision making
  2. How incentives changed people’s behavior
  3. Benefits of trade
  4. Problems with a new market


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Current Events Submission
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Don’t just post a link- you must upload either a screenshot, pdf or word version (you can copy and paste from the internet).

This assignment will be marked as complete when you submit the article.

Once you’ve posted your article, post a comment in the Week 1 Current Events Discussion Board which briefly explains the topic of your article as it relates to the economic principles (e.g., “ESPN article reports rise in college basketball players who want to drop out and go to the NBA because of opportunity cost. In college, the athletes aren’t allowed to make money, but as a professional athlete they could ball out on everything- cars, houses, clothes, etc.”)


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