Cultural Environments of Global Markets

Reflection Paper Instructions and Rubric
The reflection assignment is a seven (10)-page paper based knowledge gained in the course. One topic is selected by the
student from the following topics: Cultural Environments of Global Markets, Global Market Opportunities, and Global Market
Strategies. The topic is then illustrated using a current event article from a credible trade source (i.e. Wall Stree Journal, etc.).
Then, the student will connect the relevance of the topic area selected to a minimum of eight (8) scholarly peer-reviewed
journal sources. The paper should follow a simple format including: Introduction, Topic Definition, Event Description, Analysis
of Sources (compare and contrast viewpoints from journals), and Opinion (last paragraph – what do you think…). The body of
the paper needs to be at least 7 full pages in length (not including title page and reference page). The written work must
strictly follow APA format and exhibit critical thinking commensurate with undergraduate higher education. Grading rubric


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Cultural Environments of Global Markets
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