Critiquing based on roleplay feedback

Word Count: 1200 words (not including reference list)

Drawing on the lecturer and peer feedback you received about your role play and the reflections you provided in your Reflective Journal, you are required to provide a critique of
your counselling role play. This critique, which should be written as a reflective essay, should demonstrate what you believe you did well and what you believe you could have done
differently, based on your learning in this course and taking into account the empirical literature on which this course is based.

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Critiquing based on roleplay feedback
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This task with its focus on reflection, critique and micro-skill development, (as demonstrated in Task 2), helps to build your knowledge and ability to apply micro skills as well as further your ability to become reflexive and critical practitioners.

In addressing this task you will need to:
1. Briefly describe the personal qualities or attributes that you believe you did/did not demonstrate and discuss how these qualities would contribute to the effectiveness of your counselling sessions
2. Briefly describe the micro-skills you used/did not use and give reasons why you think these micro-skills are important
3. Use topic sentences at the beginning of every paragraph to summarise the point that you are making
4. Provide, and correctly cite (in-text and reference list, APA 7th edition), scholarly evidence in support of the argument you will make. At least five scholarly sources are required, including academic books and journals
5. Show that you have engaged with theory on thetopic.
6. Indicate the word length at the end of the essay. The word count should not be more than 10% over or under the word limit.



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