Criminal Justice

Discussion 1: Kant/Regan

For the discussion:

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Criminal Justice
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  1. Answer the discussion prompt in 6-8 sentences.

Discussion prompt: Choose an action related to your major (Criminal Justice) and analyze it using the first or second form of the categorical imperative. What would Kant’s ethics say to do? And, does this seem correct?


To help, here are the two forms of the categorical imperative (slightly paraphrased).

First form: An action is right if it follows a maxim that can be willed as a universal law, and wrong if it follows a maxim that cannot be willed as a universal law.

This is similar to the Golden Rule (“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”), but not exactly the same. So, be sure to study my notes and the reading for how exactly Kant applies this principle.

Second form: Always treat persons (ourselves and others) as ends in themselves, and never treat persons as means only.

For Kant, it is OK to treat someone as a means to an end in some cases (e.g., paying someone a fair wage for a service), but what is prohibited is using a person as a means “only.” This would be using them in a way that does not respect their freely-chosen goals. You can also see my video for more details about the terms “ends in themselves” and “means only.”



Discussion 2: Kant/Regan

For the discussion, complete these tasks:

  1. Answer the discussion prompt in 6-8 sentences. Link to a web article in your answer.

Discussion prompt: Choose one of the following topics: (a) vegetarianism, (b) hunting, (c) pets, or (d) zoos and aquariums.

What do you think Tom Regan would say about the topic? And, how does this relate to your own views (do you agree or disagree with him, and why)?

Find a web article related to your chosen topic, draw one or two main points from it, and link to it as part of your post. This can be an article with details that support or go against Regan’s perspective. If relevant, feel free to bring in personal experiences as well (for example, if you take part in one of the practices listed).

To add a link to your post: State the author’s name and topic of the article in a few words in your post. Highlight this text of the topic description and select the link icon at the top or bottom of the reply box (   ). Then, copy and paste the URL for the essay in the area provided.

For example, add your link like this:

Greta Thunberg has discussed the urgent need to address climate change (Links to an external site.).

Do not add your link like this:

Greta Thunberg has discussed the urgent need to address climate change ( (Links to an external site.)).



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