Crime reports from your crime analysis

This assignment puts all the pieces of crime analysis together. To complete the totality of the course, you will summarize the crime reports from your crime analysis.


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Crime reports from your crime analysis
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• Utilizing the crime reports, summarize each category of incidents: robberies, burglaries, etc.o Identify any crime patterns. Explain why these patterns are meaningful in crime analysis.o Explain how basic statistics are useful in crime analysis. What statistics were used on the crime reports.o Describe any observations from the reports. Repeat victims, locations, patterns, etc.o Explain how you used the S.A.R.A model in crime analysis.• Use this summary to create a crime bulletin. You can use previously submitted reports and maps as needed.o The crime bulletin should include:▪ a map to include all 20 crime reports,▪ a chart showing the time of day/day of week analysis, ▪ ideas for directed patrol or other strategic enforcement, and ▪ information about your suspect(s) including description, vehicle, or MO.


• Maximum 5 pages in length, excluding the Title and Reference page.• APA format, including an in-text citation for referenced works.• At least two resources.


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