Crime rates across the United States.

We saw variations in crime rates across the United States. There are also vast differences throughout the world. I am sure you can guess some of the countries in the world that are plagued by violence, places such as Honduras , Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, and many countries in Africa. But would it surprise you to know that among “high income” countries in the world, the United States’ murder rate is the highest by far? View the following table to see the rankings. There is much debate about what accounts for this. One reason proposed is the violent “frontier” culture which leads Americans to be more comfortable with violence (think violent entertainment) and with using violence to solve problems (think war). The fact that the U.S. has the highest rate of inequality and highest poverty rate among high income countries is seen as another main contributor to the higher violent crime/murder rate. But guns and their availability are often viewed as the main cause. Guns certainly do not account for all of the violence; however, two-thirds of murders are committed with a gun. In response to highly publicized mass shootings, two opposite points of view have emerged: 1) Limiting gun ownership will reduce gun violence, and 2) Increasing gun ownership and openly carrying guns will reduce gun violence. Many Americans, as you probably know, are deeply divided over this issue. Read the following articles that present research findings concerning gun attitudes in America and abroad. For your initial discussion posting: First, select and describe one fact presented in the CNN article, telling why it stood out to you. Next, select at least two findings from the Pew Research article. (Both findings should be facts that you were unaware of before you read the research article.) Present the statistics associated with the two findings, and tell why you think these two findings are important for people to know. (NOTE: The Pew article consists of 6 pages – be sure to look through all 6 pages.)

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Crime rates across the United States.
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