Creating a Webpage using

Web Page Project: Creating a Webpage using
Purpose The purpose of this assignment is for students to use a web tool online to create a website of
their own. Students will upload their own content based on the content requirements. Students will use
the Strikingly web tool to create their website.
Content Requirements The website should:
 Use a subdomain of
o You do not need to register a new domain for this assignment, or use a domain you might
already own.
o Use your Valencia e-mail user name as your subdomain name. If this subdomain is not
available, use something else that is descriptive
 Use a design template provided by the strikingly web tool
 Have an appropriate, descriptive title.
 A home page that will give information about yourself (include information about your education,
work experience, your major, and your desired job)
 Include three hyperlinks on your site that link to three sites you visit frequently (these links must be
active and redirect to the correct website when clicked in order to receive credit)
 Add a page that shows your favorite vacation spot. Use at least three pictures and/or video to
showcase your spot. Please include at least two paragraphs describing why you like to visit this
 Add a web page that lists your instructor’s name and course section. Please include at least one
picture on this page
 Publish your website to the Internet.
 If you need to make any changes before the due date, make sure you publish the website again
 The type of site should be “Personal” Submission Guidelines It is important for students to pay close
attention to the submission guidelines in order to receive full credit for this assignment.
 Type your strikingly website address in the body of assignment area in Canvas.
 Start the assignment well in advance of the due date. Last minute problems on your end will not be an
excuse for missing a deadline.

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Creating a Webpage using
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