Creating a Gender-Neutral Learning Environment

As ECE educators, it is essential to understand the components of how gender identity develops and possible influences from educational institutions. For this assignment, you will create a design map for designing a gender-neutral learning environment.

Part 1: Gender Identity Research

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Creating a Gender-Neutral Learning Environment
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Watch an hour or more of children’s programming (any station that broadcasts children’s cartoons/programming), review newspaper ads/flyers for children’s toys/clothing, and/or visit the toy department of a local store and take note of the following:


Identify five (5) examples of gender stereotyping observed, such as male characters being aggressive, female characters being pretty but not smart, male characters being the leader, female characters who are in supportive positions, toys that are intended for “boy” or “girl” play, colors, how they are arranged, displayed, and/or marketed.

· For example: The cartoon “Paw Patrol” on the Disney Channel had 5 major characters, only 1 of which was a girl who is dressed in pink, and only does “girl” things. While in the toy department at Wal-Mart, there was an entire aisle of “pink” girl toys.


If you feel you cannot meet the criteria for this portion of the assignment, please reach out to the instructor for alternative ideas.


Part 2: Gender Neutral Environment Research

Research the Internet using the search criteria of “preventing gender bias in early childhood education” and locate 2-3 documents/articles concerning how to address gender bias in the classroom. Use these documents/articles to complete the assignment.


Part 3: Write your Observations and Analysis

Write a 3-4 page paper sharing your observations and analysis of gender identity in early childhood programs.


Include the following:

1. Specific observations from your research on gender identity above. Consider how these things may influence gender identity in young children. Refer to the Lesson Content on Kohlberg’s Gender Identity.

1. Discuss how this information can affect gender identity at home and in the early childhood education environment

1. Share a detailed recommendation as to what should be included or considered in a gender-neutral environment for young children.

1. For each area below, provide three (3) things to consider, add or remove from the environment. Also, include your rationale for your recommendations.

. Dramatic Play

. Library/Book Area

. Science Area

. Outdoor playground

. Interactions with parents at pick-up or drop -off


Format your paper using APA style, including a title page and a reference page that contains the sources you used. For help with formatting your paper, visit the APA Guide.


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