Create A Project Plan That Explains Six-Sigma Methodology Specifically

Six Sigma is a common quality management practice used to support the businesses improvements on different levels organizational, processes. Numerous successful cases by well-known companies demonstrated this methodology`s efficiency such as in Motorola, Amazon, General Electric…..etc.

In practice, these companies use one of two paths to implement six sigma: DMAIC, which contains five phases ( Define , Measure , Analyze , Improve , Control ) , and DMADV which includes ( Define , Measure , Analyze , Design , Verify ). The first path is covered in details by our course materials.

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Create A Project Plan That Explains Six-Sigma Methodology Specifically
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In this assessment, picture yourself as a Quality Records Investigator. In order to improve a current process, product or service, you were requested by the quality manager to create a project plan using six-sigma methodology specifically (DMAIC).

To work on this assignment, choose a product or service, or process that you think it needs to be improved. Create a project plan that explains the following:

  • 1-Define Stage : Product or Service Information:
  • Choose either product, service, or process to improve.
  • State the project scope, two objectives, and the duration.
  • Identify the project`s team (key stakeholders)
  • 2-Measure stage:
  • Use a process flowchart to identify the current process for your choice ( Inputs , action , outputs)
  • Choose a measurement for your analysis (Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio).
  • 3-Analyze stage :
    Based on your process flowchart and your desired outcomes, Define the Sources of Process Variation. (Causes of problem, or non-value processes)
  • 4-Improve stage :
  • Suggest no less than two recommendations to improve the current process.
  • Present at least two conditions that have to be existed to guarantee the project success.
  • 5-Control stage :
  • Identify two tangible & intangible measurements that the firm can use to evaluate their performance after the improvement.
  • In which way the company can help their employees to embrace the new changes (training, reward system…)

Requirements: minimum is 100 word for the five questions as written in the assignment.


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