Why we crave horror movies

Essay Two asks you to first read and analyze Stephen King’s argument in “Why We Crave Horror Movies” and then develop your own argument in response to those ideas. You will prove that argument throughout the rest of your paper with supporting ideas. You will need to read the lessons leading up to this assignment carefully and ask questions if there is something you don’t understand because they walk you through how to create an effective thesis statement for an argumentative paper and explain how that thesis statement works as a roadmap to guide on how to structure the rest of the paper in a logical format. When writing argumentative essays, many students forget about one of the main components of an effective and engaging essay: an introduction. You still have to get your reader interested in the argument you are presenting, so you don’t want to start with your thesis statement. Your first paragraph should be a stylized introduction intended to get the reader’s attention (see Lecture Two) and your next paragraph should introduce your thesis/argument. Your essay also needs to flow logically from point to point with some transitions to aid in that flow. You also need an effective conclusion that leaves your reader with something to think about (not repeat everything you’ve already written). This essay must be a full 3-4 pages in length (one paragraph on the third page will not meet the length requirement), no cover page or bibliography is necessary, but all other MLA format requirements must be followed (typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins on all sides, etc.).

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Why we crave horror movies
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