Crafting Your Future

  • Reflection.
  • individual task.
  • Choose a job position, or internship position that you would like to perform.
  • Conduct a personal S.W.O.T. analysis for yourself in relation to that position.
  • Reflect on their first semester mind map considering your personal values, the social, work-related, and universal values you wish create or live in to
    make the difference.
  • Explain your Strengths, Weaknesses (needs for growth), Opportunities, and Threats.
  • If you want, you can analyze threats and opportunities based on the PEST-LE matrix (considering context: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal
    and Environmental aspects).
  • Put your critical SWOT information in a short cover letter addressed to the company‚Äôs Human Resource Manager.

1500 WORDS

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Crafting Your Future
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