Covey Mission Statement Builder

The results you get from the Covey Mission Statement Builder will be very “bullet orientated”. What I want you to do is to embellish the bullets you get from the Covey site and write a paper about your personal mission statement (what you might have to work on, what others can help you with, what is very important to you, how your life so far has shaped you, what you’ve learned about yourself and learned from others etc.).


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Covey Mission Statement Builder
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This is your “road map” to effectiveness. Make sure you include your roles and values. Submit your assignments below.

  • 2-4 pages + a title page
  • 1″ margins
  • 12 point font
  • Double spaced
  • Grammar counts in papers


Please note: You need to attach two submissions for this assignment:


  1. A paper embelishing the Covey Mission Builder site results, and
  2. A copy of what the Covey Mission Builder results were (downloaded/Copied from the Covey Personal Mission Builder site – when you finish the on-line builder you can get an email with your statement from Covey. An example of the elements required is attached)


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