Country’s Data Presentation

Go to and select one country (other than the U.S.) from the dropdown box. Thoroughly analyze the data that is shown for the selected country. Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in which you explain what the data shows and what it means for these categories:

  • How is the population forecasted to change?
  • How many older versus younger people are in the population, and how will these patterns change?
  • How long do people live, and how will that change?
  • What is the fertility trend now and in the future?
  • How much is spent on health – now, and in the future – and from which sources?
  • How well is this country or territory providing effective, essential health services?
  • What causes the most deaths?
  • What is the mortality trend in the under-5 and under-1 age groups?
  • Where is child mortality the highest?
  • What causes the most death and disability combined?
  • How do causes of death and disability compare to those in other locations?
  • What risk factors drive the most death and disability combined?
  • Include your ideas on how to improve the health of the citizens in this country.

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Country’s Data Presentation
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