Correspondence Packet

Correspondence Packet
For this major assignment, you will need to write three pieces of correspondence: an audience analysis to
your instructor, a complaint letter to a real organization, and a response to your complaint letter. You
should also work to create goodwill and positive emphasis and to maintain your image as a customer and
the company’s professional image throughout your writing.
Please follow these steps carefully:
1. Choose a real product or service that you have been displeased with.
2. Find the real address to the company responsible for the product or service. (You may need to
find the company’s website or call a local /1-800 number.)
3. Find the name of the person or department who would receive your letter.
Correspondence 1: Audience Analysis Memo to Instructor
Part of good professional communication is being able to clearly identify your audience and
purpose before you start writing. Doing this effectively will help you convince the audience to
follow through with your requested action or to understand and rely on your information as
credible. Many documents require such persuasion or authority. This audience analysis will
exercise your use of professional pre-writing skills and analysis.
4. Prepare and write me a memo using the memo format shown in Ch. 7 of the Tebeaux and
Dragga textbook.
5. Organize the memo using the general outline described on p. 156-157 in Ch. 7.
6. In the body of this memo to me, clearly
a. identify your future complaint letter’s primary and secondary audiences,
b. describe the primary and secondary audiences, including their likely demographic
characteristics (i.e. characteristics used to classify people such as age, race, gender, etc.)
c. name and explain a clear short-term purpose for your complaint letter (requested action),
d. name and explain a clear long-term purpose for the complaint letter, and
e. describe how you expect your audience to use your complaint letter (what you expect
him/her/them to “do” with the letter).
7. Finally, explain how the needs of the audience and the outlined objectives would be
fulfilled by your complaint letter:
a. What information would you be sure to include?
b. What information might you exclude?
c. Would you need to reword or carefully word any part of your letter?
d. How do you think you would organize your letter? Why?
8. Use your judgment to separate information into body paragraphs as needed.
9. Use excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Correspondence 2: Complaint Letter to Company
10. Write your 1-page complaint letter using the organization and other information you
planned in your memo to me.
11. Use a formal tone and excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
12. Use a correct, formal letter format as shown in Ch. 7.
13. Sign your letter before submitting it.
Note: I encourage you to send your complaint letters to the company you identified. Students in
the past have received responses that serve as interesting and sometimes good examples of
professional writing.
Correspondence 3: Response to Complaint Letter
14. Write an answer to your complaint letter (about one half to one page in length).
15. Use a formal tone and excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
16. Use a correct, formal letter format as shown in Ch. 7.
17. Sign your letter before submitting it.
Grading and Submission Criteria
I’ll grade the Correspondence Packet according to how well you incorporate advice from the course
readings and enhancement materials from the first three weeks of the semester as well as from this
assignment prompt.
Each correspondence should be no more than one page in length. They should be saved together in
one PDF, Microsoft Word (*.docx), or Rich Text Format (*.rtf) document and submitted to the
appropriate dropbox in eCampus as an attached file by Noon on Monday, Sept. 18.
If you have any questions regarding this assignment, please contact me via eCampus or stop by A-137
during office hours.

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