Correlation, and Bivariate Regression

Correlation, and Bivariate Regression

Look at the list of interval-ratio variables.  We are going to use four of these variables in the following questions.  The dependent variable for all of your analyses will be childs (we are treating this as an interval-ratio variable, despite its last category).

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Correlation, and Bivariate Regression
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  • childs (number of children) – DV
  • educ (highest year of school completed) – IV
  • agewed (age when first married) – IV
  • sex (sex of respondent) – IV


  1. The first independent variable you will use is educ. Draw a causal diagram that depicts the relationship you expect to see between educ and childs:
  2. Translate your diagram into words


You will run a regression model with these two variables of interest (educ and childs).

  1. We are interested in the correlation coefficient. What is this number?_______ How do you interpret this correlation coefficient


  1. What is the value of the R-square?______ What percent of the variation in your dependent variable is explained with your independent variable?__________


  1. What is the coefficient for your independent variable?________  What is the coefficient for the intercept term?________  Interpret the coefficient for your independent variable ?


  1. Now I want you to use the equation: Ŷ =a + bx to make a specific statement using the value “14” for your independent variable educ. Show me your work for solving for Ŷ below .
  2. What does the answer, when you solve for Ŷ tell you?




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