Correcting pH following cardiac arrest (MI)

Three abstracts are required for the course on articles relating to the cardiac, pulmonary, renal, and the shock/trauma modules. This exercise is intended to help you become familiar with current questions in medical research and knowledgeable in methods available to inquiry into topics of interest. An article for publication may also be constructed on an ACLS topic to be determined by the class. They will be worth 10 points each. They are to be obtained from either MEDLINE or CINAHL referenced journals dated from 2000 or newer. They should include the authors name, date, article title, journal name, volume, and number (see APA example below). It should be typed, double-spaced and no longer than 2-3 pages in length summarizing the authors intentions and your thoughts on the question.


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Correcting pH following cardiac arrest (MI)
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Chase, R.P. (1993). Effects of glucose bolus in treatment of cerebral

resuscitation in post-cardiac arrest rat specimens. Journal of

Experimental Medicine, 9 (8), p.432 – 434.

Requirements: 3 pages


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