Corporate Web site and Marketing Web site

• Compare and contrast the purpose and content of a corporate Web site to that of a marketing Web site.

• Use a scenario to discuss why a company may want to avoid destroying a close competitor? Answer: Bausch & Lomb moved aggressively against other soft lens manufacturers with great success. However, this forced weak competitors to sell out to larger firms such as Schering-Plough and Johnson & Johnson. As a result, Bausch & Lomb now faces much larger competitors such as Johnson & Johnson, who bought Vistakon.

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Corporate Web site and Marketing Web site
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• Why is it important for companies to understand cultural differences and nuances before entering a foreign country’s market? Give two examples of cultural differences that would be important for a company to know.

• Discuss the international marketing objectives and policies a company should try to define before going abroad.

• How is the societal marketing concept related to marketing ethics?

• How do consumerism and environmentalism affect marketing strategies?


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