Coronavirus Response and Forecasting Impact on Business


Your operations team from Nanotechnology Solutions, Inc. will be speaking to a group of employees to inform and inspire confidence. Recently your business and community and state have had to deal with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and you need to ensure employees that your team will be able to handle the crisis presented and the employees will be safe. While Coronavirus (COVID-19) is new, preparing for responses to disasters is not. Businesses conduct emergency preparedness training year-round, in each region and facility. You will be speaking about the mission, vision, and goals of your business and how your business will best serve the customers and create the most efficient and effective organization possible to serve their needs in this time of crisis. Your goal is two-fold to gain trust, energize, and empower employees and to create the safest and most effective organization possible to deal with the crisis.

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Coronavirus Response and Forecasting Impact on Business
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Your team will be speaking to your employees about the mission, vision, and goals of your transformed organization and how your organization will uphold best practices in dealing with this crisis. The main deliverable in the assignment is the PowerPoint your team will create for the presentation. Your goal is two-fold to energize the employees toward upholding all procedures and protocols and understand your organization’s mission, vision, and values. You will seek to ignite the spirit and motivate employees in the realization that your organization can truly make a difference in people’s lives and we can develop early identification and intervention systems that can help the business get ahead of potential problems.


You will work with your team to create a PowerPoint presentation that will help illustrate your points to your employees. This appeal should be framed by the audience members’ powers to act and display how that action will help. Your team goal is to stir the emotions of the people in the audience and show them the path to help and how they will feel better by doing so. You will explain:

how the team will prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the facility.

how the team will promptly identify and isolate employees with possible COVID-19 and inform the correct facility staff and public health authorities.

how you will monitor and manage employees that might be exposed to COVID-19.



You will also need to ensure actions taken will comply with applicable state and federal regulations and take into account cultural differences and best practices in management. You will provide the forecasting method, process, or model you will use to predict the impact on the business from the pandemic.

Your PowerPoint presentation should include at least 10-15 slides. It should include detailed speaker’s notes,  references, and citations from at least four sources. The presentation should also include visually appealing pictures or animations.


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