Control of Lipid Metabolism

Lipid metabolism is controlled mainly by the following hormones:


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Control of Lipid Metabolism
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▪Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)

▪Growth hormone


As you may recall, these help regulate fat metabolism such that the rate of fat catabolism is inversely related to the rate of carbohydrate catabolism. If some condition such as diabetes mellitus causes carbohydrate catabolism to decrease below energy needs, increased secretion of growth hormone, ACTH, and glucocorticoids soon follows. These hormones, in turn, bring about an increase in fat catabolism. But, when carbohydrate catabolism equals energy needs, fats are not mobilized out of storage and catabolized. Instead, they are spared and stored in adipose tissue. So, it can be said that “Excessive carbohydrates have a ‘fat-storing’ effect.”

8. In what forms are lipids transported to cells?

9. How can glycerol and fatty acids enter the citric acid cycle?

10. Which fatty acids cannot be made by the body?

11. Which hormones are involved in lipid metabolism?


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