Content Analysis

Content Analysis

This assignment consists of four tasks. All four tasks must be accomplished for full credit.

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Content Analysis
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Tasks 2 & 3 require only short answers (one paragraph long). Task 4 has two options for you to choose one and requires a more detailed answer including your own study.


Task 1. Listen to my Narrated PP lecture. Once completed, provide the FIVE things you believe to be most important from this lecture.


Task 2 : Language use

Read “People with depression use language differently”

(a) Say what is special about language use and/or vocabulary of people with depression according to the article.

(b) Say if you have ever noticed that people, including yourself, switch to a different vocabulary in a different situation. Give specific examples of change in your or other people’s vocabulary. Why do you think they do it?




Task 3: Based on: “Using unobtrusive methods” at:


(a) Explain, how does David suggest to study attitudes to death and mortality unobtrusively?

(b) Why does he think that it is better to study them unobtrusively?





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