During the semester, you will research a contemporary geographic issue in one world region and
complete a three-page essay in which you will develop your own educated opinion about the issue.
This guide will help you complete this assignment.
Instructions for Paper – 100 points
1. Identify a Contemporary Geographic Issue in your selected world region. Conduct
independent research to complete the essay, finding sources that allow you completethe
steps below:
2. Your three page essay must include the following elements:
• A brief summary contemporary issue including a thesis statement that capturesthe
central tension in the geographic issue and its potential resolution(s).
• A discussion of the historical background to the issue that connects decisions, trends, and
major actors in the past to present problems.
• A comparison and evaluation of the different perspectives or vantage points onthe
• A conclusion where you express your educated opinion and suggestions for constructive
ways to address the issue.
3. Your essay should be formatted as follows:
• Name, date, and title of essay should be on the first page, single spaced, on the lefthand
• Lines are double spaced
• Margins set to 1” – top, bottom, right, and left
• Font type set to only Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, or Times New Roman. Font size set to 12pt.
• Cite sources parenthetically using the Chicago (Turabian) style. Provide works cited on a
separate page.

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