Select a topic from the list below and construct an argument. Warning: Please make sure you work on one of the issues listed — no other arguments will be accepted!

Make sure you fully understand what COMPLETENESS means (pages 186-7) OK, let me highlight a fundamentally important part of it:
You must look at and CONSIDER the opposing arguments (as every inductive argument must). It means that listing the counterarguments is not good enough; you have to say which premises you find true or strong (and why) and which ones you find false or weak (and why) — otherwise your argument would be one-sided. Obviously, accepting certain premises against our argument will not make it weaker since every issue is complex.

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Strong feelings or even high passion are not elements of critical thinking only reason is, as well as factual information. Morality, religion, value judgments, desires, wishes, preferences, tastes, likes, and dislikes do not make good subjects for critical arguments! Why? Because others may have other dislikes and likes, tastes, preferences, wishes, desires, value judgments, religion or morality, and the answer to the question regarding those, ‘why do they prefer what they prefer instead of what we prefer’ the answer is ‘just because’ — end of the story.

Issues to choose from:

  1. Bullying is a problem in the USA and people tend to bully bullies as ‘punishment.’ Should bullies be bullied?
  2. Should school uniforms be mandated?
  3. Plastic bags are an enormously huge environmental problem and many countries (and cities) have banned them. Should they be banned in the US?
  4. Music and art may seem like ‘useless’ subjects in school, but research shows that they are useful in the development of youth. Should they be mandated in school?
  5. Should child beauty competitions be banned?

This short article may help:

Assignment – Critical Thinking Point Value
Adequately covers the -Writing is within the required minimum word count 40 points
Organization-Uses correct APA format in paper as well as with citations and references 20 points
Spelling/Grammar/Posts word count 20 Points
Uses the required # of words (300) and good scholarly resources 20 Points
Total: 100 Points
Helpful Tips

  • Always use spell and grammar check
  • Make sure you indented the paragraphs (5 spaces in)
  • Balance – Each paragraph should be similar in length
  • Review the APA video and resource in Student Resources under Course Home
  • You can send your paper to the Keiser OWL (Online Writing Lab) for review and to ask for help.


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