Considering Aristotle’s Rhetoric’s “Good”


Considering Aristotle’s Rhetoric’s “Good”

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Considering Aristotle’s Rhetoric’s “Good”
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Aristotle suggests throughout his original work (The Rhetoric) that studying (theorizing, practicing, performing) rhetoric is useful for:  1. defending truth 2. adapting complicated ideas to a large and untrained audience 3. thinking through both sides of any issue 4. self defense. Are these still good reasons for studying the subject, or have things changed in our “modern” times for these reasons/rationale to hold?

Is there any use of rhetoric that should be added to Aristotle’s list?

Address each 1- 4 of Aristotle’s “uses” with your opinion’ on rhetoric’s utility.

Reference at LEAST one of the CONCEPTS (enthymeme, auxesis, etc.) from Aristotle’s original writing in the Bizzell and Herzberg that you think might prove “useful” today and HOW so?

Define rhetoric and devise a blueprint for your definitions USE in your public and private life.


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