KINES 082 Activity 10: Confronting Irrational Beliefs

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Confronting Irrational Beliefs
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Part A: Describe an Activating Event



1. Describe an event that occurred today that “stressed you out”.




2. Write down any rational thoughts that went through your mind.



3. Write down all of the irrational thoughts that went through your mind.




4. Take one of these irrational thoughts and notice what would be the consequences of this irrational thought.






Part B: Challenge Irrational Beliefs

The A-B-C Model

A = Activating event

B = Belief or interpretation of what has happened

C= Consequence your body’s reaction


In our daily lives we cannot control “A” we will always experience stressful events.

When we believe that there is only one way to experience “B” we find the consequences of “A” produces “C” and in this case “C” always leaves us frustrated and upset.


However, we do control B so complete the reminder of the worksheet challenging the irrational thought(s) that you indicated in # 3 above.




5. Write down ONE of your irrational beliefs from Question 3.



6. Write down any rational support that you can think of for this belief.



7. Can you think of some falseness in this way of thinking.



8. What is the worst thing that could happen to you in this situation?




9. What could be a positive outcome of this event?



10. Last but not least as this is the chance to not only see the old pattern in your thinking but to now create a new one! What are some alternative thoughts you could have had and could you have felt any other emotions?





Concluding Remarks


Remember- this is a worksheet for you to see how you usually respond to a stressful situation and then to note a new way of thinking and reacting. Your old patterns will only be extinguished or replaced with new healthier ones if you notice the potential stressful situation immediately, are acutely aware of your potential for thinking irrational thoughts and then replacing those thoughts and feeling with rational effective ones.


Activating events (A) will always occur, how you handle them (B) then determines their consequences (C). In this case, effective practice does create less stress. Practice also allows you to spend less energy on daily stresses that are going to occur anyway and saves that energy so that at the end of the day you can use this reserve energy to do “what you want to do after you do all that you have to do”.








IMPORTANT: Enter your answers and save this worksheet to your computer. Upload the completed worksheet.