Conflict Resolution

Read “Conflict Resolution” at the end of Chapter 3 under “Build Relationships #7.”  In the printed textbook that would be on page 66.  Do a brief summary of the situation.  Two or three sentences will suffice.

Make a list of things with an explanation that can be done to resolve the issues at hand and possibly prevent further conflict.  This list should have some explanation and not just a word or two.  Support the validity of your list by quoting from the textbook.  You should write at least 100 words.

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Conflict Resolution
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Type the name of the other student upon whose list you are commenting on.  For example, “Helen, you’re correct about the entrepreneurs giving back to the community.  The entrepreneurs contributing 3% of the net profit helped the community’s efforts to establish an afternoon program for latch key children.”

Your writing should follow the MLA Handbook style.  Proof your work carefully. Respond to at least three classmates’ posts. Be generous in your comments.  Incomplete assignments will not be graded.

Reading Material

Build Relationships 7. Conflict resolution You have been placed on a two-person team with Jim, a coworker. Together, you are responsible for developing a short instructional video for your department. Jim is the expert in editing and shooting video, and your expertise is in getting information, finding suitable locations to shoot video, managing the budget, and keeping the project on schedule. Jim is good at what he does, but you two have already had some minor conflicts. Jim is at least 30 minutes late for work each day (he claims to stay late to make up for it). He doesn’t tell you when he’s spent money out of the project account, he never finishes when he says he will, and he’s generally a loner. Develop a list of things you could do to resolve the issues at hand and possibly prevent further conflict. As you develop your list, review the tips for working successfully in teams and the technology tools that encourage collaboration and sharing of information. (Learning Objective 5)


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