Conflict and point of view of short story

Write a 600-word (two-page) analytical essay on one of the assigned short stories. Choose a short story DIFFERENT from the one you chose for the first assignment. You will be focusing on central idea, conflict and point of view for this paper. This is not a cumulative assignment. Address only the two assigned two literary elements (conflict and point of view) as well as central idea. Remember to review the handouts on conflict and point of view before writing your paper. They can be found under ‘Course Documents’ as well the handout entitled ‘Student Essay Requirements’ before writing your paper.Keep in mind the basics for literary analysis:  analyze in the present verb tense, use only third person, back up your analysis with quotes from the work, and, most, importantly, use key terminologies from the class handouts. The first thing you will do is CLEARLY state the central idea of the work, then discuss the elements of conflict and point of view in light of what you have decided the author’s intended meaning is.

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Conflict and point of view of short story
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