Conflict Management

The author suggests that the topic of conflict management is slippery because people cannot be easily directed and controlled, so theories on effective processes are constantly evolving. Based on Note on Conflict Management, the concept of differentiation is critical to gaining knowledge about your organization’s true strengths and weaknesses. Select one of the four links on page 8 (culture, authority, customer satisfaction, and management control) and suggest improvements that can be made to your workplace (prior or current). Support your ideas with documentation from the article.


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Conflict Management
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In wake of the re-occurrence of unarmed Blacks being murdered by white police and other white counterparts, (i.e. Ahmaud Arbery; Breonna Taylor) your first assignment assignment will be on current events.  Both cases took months to gain national attention or for anyone to be arrested. Research the code of ethics for either cases jurisdiction and state the protocol for arrests warrants for murder then tell how would you handle either situation if you were either the chief or police,  police commissioner, or mayor. An example is provided.


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